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Three-dimensional excitable systems

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Excitation is an important property of many self-organised biological systems. It effects that excitements and stimuli, which exceed a relatively small threshold, cause a distinct response. This system response is used for generating and processing information. A typical example is the firing of neurons.

The information that is stored in the excitement is transferred in the form of excitation waves. Particularly interesting is the generation and transmitting of excitation waves in three dimensional systems. On the one hand the research of these effects is important to get a better understanding of the physics of a self-organized system response and on the other hand the practical aspect is of special interest. Some types of cardiac arrhythmias, like ventricular fibrillation and ventricular flutter, are generated by 3D excitation waves.

We investigate the dynamics of 3D excitation waves with the help of suitable systems. By using optical tomography we are able to track and study these waves.

In particular, we do research on the following issues:

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