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Hier finden sie eine Bildergalerie bisher durchgeführter Forschungsprojekte der Abteilung Biophysik, sowie damit verwandten Themengebieten.

Bildergalerie (43 Bilder)


Chemical Systems

Chemical waves in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction
bz Wave structures in a petri dish (target pattern and a counterrotating double spiral).
spiral-on-surface Spirals on a nonuniformly curved surface.
spirals-hemi Spirals on hemispherical shells with different radii
heart-green Wave structures in a weakly excitable medium induced by a defect.
resonance Drift of a spiral core under feedback-controlled forcing (Creation of a resonance attractor).
canyon "Chemical Canyons" 
3D graphic representation of an excitation wave pattern.

® S.C. Müller, Th. Plesser, B. Hess
spiralcore Visualization of a "resting" spiral core by superposition of six pictures during one rotation.

® S.C. Müller, Th. Plesser, B. Hess
tornado "Chemical Tornado" 
Spiral core in 3D perspective.

® S.C. Müller, Th. Plesser, B. Hess
3D structures
scrollwave Tomographic reconstruction of a three dimensional scroll wave (i.e. a cylindric continuation of a spiral). 
Top: Enlargement of the picture in the center 
Bottom: Time series of a scroll wave 
Left: Initial scroll wave, slightly twisted 
Middle and right: Rest of a scroll wave, sending out plane wave fronts  
Stationary structures in an autocatalytic reaction
mbo "Pinstriped" activation centers in the methylene blue-oxygen-sulfite reaction.
honeycomb "Honeycomb" pattern in the methylene blue-oxygen-sulfite reaction in a polyacrylamide gel.
Front instability
numeric Instability of an autocatalytic front leads to complex spiral pattern (numerical simulation).
fingering Density driven convection deform a rising reaction front into a fingering structure.

Biochemical Systems

Oscillating biochemical and biomimetic reactions
bursting_x_y_p Peroxidase-oxidase reaction in vesicles
Nano-Macro-Coupling: Effect of a phospholipid matrix on a pattern forming reaction
biochem Biochemical example of an excitation front, observed during the glycolysis in cytoplasm extracted of yeast cells.
glycolysis-circular Circular waves during the glycolysis in cytoplasm extracted of yeast cells.
glycolysis-spiral-nadh Spiral waves of NADH during the glycolysis in cytoplasm extracted of yeast cells.
glycolysis-spiral-h+ Spiral waves of H^+ during the glycolysis in cytoplasm extracted of yeast cells.
Hefe-Kommunikation  Zell-Zell-Kommunikation in Hefe-Populationen

Biological Systems

Spiral waves in biological systems
sd Spiral-shaped propagation of “Spreading Depression” in neuronal tissue, here on the chicken retina.
sd-spiral A sequence of superimposed pictures indicates the Z-shaped geometry of the spiral core.
dictyostelium1 Spiral geometry of a signal transmitter in an amoeba population (Dictyostelium discoideum) leads to chemotactic movements of cells in direction of the spiral core.
dictyostelium2 In the area of the spiral core of an amoeba population many single cells flow together in a vortex-shaped movement. This results in the growth of a multicellular organism.
Stationary bands in Characean algae cells
chara Stationary distribution of alkaline and acid regions around an illuminated Chara cell. The pattern was visualized using phenol red. Red spots correspond to alkaline regions.

Some more spirals

      moos Lichen in the tundra.
benard-spirale Rayleigh-Bénard convection. In SF6 near the gas-liquid critical point.
liesegang-helicoidal Helicoidal Liesegang precipitation band of PbI2 in agar.
spiralgalaxie Spiral galaxy NGC 1232.
pearl_a Spiral formation on the surface of a growing cell (K. Wada, 1966)

Structural Similarity

      convection Hydrodynamical convection rolls.
coral Surface of a coral.
atacama Salt formation in the Atacama desert.
pilzspore1 Mushroom spore (M. Ebert, Umweltmineralogie, TU Darmstadt).
Lava2b_sm Fingers of solidified lava in the Teide mountains, Las Canarias, Tenerife (photo by M. Böckmann)
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